Ai20X promotes licensing technology from the USA for development of solutions,  accelerate SMB/SME adopting the trend, Digital Transformation and Metaverse. 
Solutions are implemented by Ai20X's member, operation supported in Vietnam
 and business cooperation partners are invited.

Digital Transformation 

Ai20X supports platform for development and deployment of application services benefit SME/SMB from business digitization.

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Ai20X supports development and deployment
of AI and IoT application.                                               

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Ai20X supports tool and platform development and deployment of Metaverse application.                             

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Wifi As a Service  

Our member is the leading provider of solution and Wifi Access point product for SME/SME, service providers, public wifi and smart city.  

Cloud Management

Our member offers cloud management service, managing network and application service for SME/SMB and public services.  

Application As a Service

Our member is the pioneer and leading of application as a service platform that allow provider to deploy application to the market. 

Wifi Access point with Edge computing

Wifi as a Service for SME/SMB

Complete solution of Wifi internet access contains cloud management services,  Wifi Access point with edge computing, and AI virtual expert to ensure network stability and ready for applications, including Digital Transformation and Metaverse for your business.  You can adopt new technology for business growth at low cost and No IT need. 

AI Image Sensor

make camera smart, become smart with camera  

AI camera is part of the make thing smart solution. Ai20X offers solution to make regular IP camera become smart camera.  we provide business platform for developer to develop and deploy their product on project solution that use your image sensor products. 

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As A Service 

Cloud management 

Platform for managed service and deploying your services 

Platform that provides both network and application as a services, cloud control, allow services provider to provide managed services to business owners and users. The platform allow multi application developer and provider to deploy and sale their application on the Managed services business.  

Metaverse Tool
Development & Deployment Platform for Metaverse 

Ai20X is leading the initiative to build work force for metaverse application. It calls for partner in providing development platform for implementing 3D, 2D animation, VR, AR components. And product platform, the first deployment Platform will be 3D Web with interactive capability.  

Call Ai20X for opportunity to license your services or partner in SaaS providing tool and creating components.